While in college, Caridad Cole had the immense privilege of working with writers such as Benjamin Hale, Brad Morrow, and Neil Gaiman, who she has admired since she was a child. After graduating, she began writing freelance, but continued to pursue her own fiction as well.

Her writing frequently explores introspection from perspectives we don't often consider: ghosts, vampires, robots, non-humans. The themes and feelings are universal, and can uncover truths about ourselves we wouldn't otherwise face. Caridad believes the scifi/fantasy genre is a powerful lens through which her writing builds new worlds and answer old questions.

In the spring of 2017, Caridad was electronically published for the first time, and by that winter, she was awarded both the "Benevolent Quill" and "Compassionate Chronicle" grants from Words for Charity.

 She is currently working on publishing a novel, but in the meantime, grab a blanket, turn on a nightlight, and read a couple of her shorts over there. Hosted on wordsforcharity.org, your small donation will be a giant help for a great cause!

"A writer after my own heart." – Daniel Handler, 1/13/18